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Automatic Doors & Manual ICU Doors

Automated Entrance Systems is committed to providing the very best automatic door equipment in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Please review the listings below for some of the products we offer:

Swinging - Retrofit your existing door with an ADA accessible door operator or a fully automatic door operator.

Sliding - Enhance your facilities image and add "Hands Free" accessibility. Available in single, bi-part, or telescopic sliding door units. Telescopic units can increase the door opening by 33%, and require less width than single or bi-parting units. 

Revolving - The ultimate energy saving door that acts like a moving vestibule. Revolving doors will decrease your energy bills over the life of the door. With the extreme weather conditions in the Pittsburgh area, automatic revolving doors can drastically reduce your energy bills.
Folding - Great for applications with limited space.
ICU Doors - Ideal for hospitals. These units are available with antimicrobial coating (reducing the spread of bacteria), positive latching, smoke seals, self closing devices, and touch-less activation.

 Activation and Safety Devices

Push Plates- Can be hard wired or wireless. Also available in touchless plates that can be used to reduce the transfer of microbes.


Door Mounted Safety Sensor - Used to provide safety when a swinging door is opening or closing.


Motion Detector - Used to activate automatic sliding doors, fully automatic swing doors, and automatic revolving doors.


Presence Sensor - Used to provide safety zones on automatic swinging and sliding doors.

Gate Operators
Swing - Pad or post mounted operators allow for flexibility when finding the right operator for your new or existing gate.
Slide - Pad or post mounted operators in various sizes and horsepowers are available to meet any of your slide gate needs.
Barrier - Commonly used at parking lots and garages.
Manual Gate Closers - Reduces the risk of a manual swing gate being left open.
Air Curtains

Weather conditions in the Pittsburgh area can be quite extreme. When using your automatic door or any manual door, be sure that the elements stay out of your building.

Air Curtains are an excellent way to keep the outside elements out of your building, and your air conditioned /heated air inside of your building.  Air Curtains are also available for insect control.
Options include: Steam or Electric, Heated or Unheated



Secure your entrances and exits on the interior or exterior of your building with a maximum security turnstile. They are available in manual or electric operation, and have a variety of options including electric locking with mounting plates for access control systems. The finish of the turnstiles can be galvanized, stainless steel, or a powder coated painted finish.


Stand Alone Card Reader Systems

Card reader and proximity reader systems available for your existing doors.

Easily add and delete cards at any time.

Special-Lite Doors

Heavy duty swing doors and frames for high traffic areas.




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